We at Doggone DogCare are a friendly, caring and casual couple who simply enjoy the company of dogs.  WE LOVE DOGS...DOGS LOVE US.

We offer a full range of services to help care for your dog while you are away from home.  Feeding, watering, walking and playing with your dog will happily be provided mid-day while you are at work or simply away for the day.   If you are leaving town, and feel your dog would be more comfortable staying in their own home than in a kennel, we will come to your house either two or three times a day to feed, walk and play with your dog.  We also offer kennel free overnight care in our home.  We only take one dog at a time (two if they are from the same family), and will treat your dog as a member of our family while they are with us.  We are open to developing custom programs designed to meet you and your dog's individual needs, with the goal of making sure both you and your dog are as comfortable as possible when you are away.

Be sure to check out the new page on this site titled, PetPics. It is a brand new service that we are offering to you pet lovers.  Simply email us a digital .jpg image or mail us a photo of your pet, and we will illustrate a beautiful piece of artwork for you to enjoy for years to come.  Also, great for gifts.